Saturday, September 29, 2007

Fragment of bracket detail

I recently put together a fragment of this design just to get a feel for how things go together. This is also the first time I'm using the Tempo zinc oxide rattle can primer.

Notice that the bracket, made of 1/8" thick material, is not a complete "T" shape. This is because I just happened to have a thin strip of the stuff, so I cut whatever I could and worked with what I had. This Is Only A Test.

Notice also that I had trouble getting the primer to go on uniformly. It was scratch resistant on the sheet material, but seemed to easily de-bond from the 1/8" plate. I think the latter was because I didn't slap it on thick enough. Surface prep was to scuff with brown Scotch-Brite, wash with warm water and Dawn dish soap, dry, then apply the coating.

You might think these random pieces of stuff I make are useless. Not so! I'll have you know that this latest creation of mine was used as a scoop to rescue a crawfish from the neighborhood street. My wife tells me that the handle on the side was helpful.